Does your dog get Car Sick?

Dogs get car sick for different reasons. Some actually experience motion sickness and others are so fearful that the anxiety makes them ill. It is not uncommon for puppies to get sick in a car. Some even start out fine and develop carsickness at about four months of age. Frequent, short rides on an empty stomach will help them adjust to the sensation of riding in a car. Most dogs outgrow carsickness but some do not. Not unlike many people, dogs seem to get sick more easily riding in the back of a car. I usually try to keep these dogs lying down on the floor of the front passenger seat. This can be accomplished by putting a harness on them and tying them to the side of the door so they cannot


(Based on over 40 years of living with and training dogs.) Dogs will do what it is to their advantage to do. Dogs respond to visual cues much faster and easier than verbal ones. Dogs tend to do what the “site picture” in front of them suggests. Dogs will chase you if you run. Dogs will slow down when they are unsure of what they are doing. Dogs running with people will curl back to the person when not directed where to go next. Dogs landing on their left lead will turn left after a jump. Dogs landing on their right lead will turn right after a jump. Dogs in the learning stages of an exercise will anticipate. Dogs that are stressed or confused will find something to sniff. Dogs like to be suc

Saving the Sport of Obedience Competition

It is not news that in the past ten years, participation in the sport of AKC obedience has dwindled. In spite of the addition of Rally and numerous additional obedience classes (ie graduate open, beginner novice , pre- novice, pre- open, pre- utillity etc.) over all entries have declined. The real reason obedience is in trouble is that there are very few new people getting involved in the sport. No matter how many classes you add, without new participants, the sport can not continue. More and more clubs choose not to offer obedience trials at their shows, as it has become a money loosing proposition. Is obedience a lost cause? Is there any way to breathe new life into the performance sport t

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