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(Based on over 40 years of living with and training dogs.)

Dogs will do what it is to their advantage to do.

Dogs respond to visual cues much faster and easier than verbal ones.

Dogs tend to do what the “site picture” in front of them suggests.

Dogs will chase you if you run.

Dogs will slow down when they are unsure of what they are doing.

Dogs running with people will curl back to the person when not directed where to go next.

Dogs landing on their left lead will turn left after a jump.

Dogs landing on their right lead will turn right after a jump.

Dogs in the learning stages of an exercise will anticipate.

Dogs that are stressed or confused will find something to sniff.

Dogs like to be successful.

Dogs know when they are wrong even when you don't tell them.

Dogs are problem solvers.

Dogs want a job.

Dogs make an effort to communicate with man.

Dogs do not lie or pretend.

Dogs who fear failure, do not learn quickly.

Dogs are unique individuals.


Saving the Sport of Obedience Competition
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