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Training Philosophy

Diane was one of the first trainers to put into print in her first book (Beyond Basic Dog Training 1st edition Howell Book House l986) that dogs could think and solve problems. She continues to believe that dogs learn by trial and error and that good training necessitates allowing a dog "the right to be wrong" so he can learn from his mistakes.

Diane's style of working with dogs and people encourages both to let go of the fear of making mistakes and embrace learning. "When a dog figures something out" she says, "they will remember it forever." "I never met a dog that needed to practice getting into the garbage so he wouldn't forget it!"

By cleverly teaching in a relaxed atmosphere where "mistakes are good," dogs and humans learn by making decisions that are either rewarded or ignored. The end result are students (canine and human) that truly understand what they are doing and are happy, comfortable and enthusiastic about performing.

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