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Kuranda Dog Beds.

Diane says, "This is the only bed my puppies have been unable to destroy! With many dogs we love the bunk beds as they are easy to clean."

LubriSyn is the key to lifelong joint health.

Call or visit our website and use the name dianebauman to get 50% OFF your 1st order!  1-(800)-901-8498

Diane says, "My dogs and I have been taking the Lubrisyn supplement for 11 years.  It's the only thing that keeps me moving. I have observed dogs that could not jump into a car, act like puppies after 9 days of taking Lubrisyn CA.  They also make a wound care product that is terrific for clearing up hot spots." 


Diane says, " I have been feeding Freshpet to my dogs since the company first started.  I believe it is the perfect food that is not kibble and not raw. Their Dog Joy dog treats are absolutely the BEST training treats as they are not greasy, easily swallowed, and easy to break into small pieces.  My students call them 'Doggie Crack' because the dogs love them so much! "

Bohm-Marrazzo Studios
    13 Lyonsville Road

    Boonton, New Jersey 07005
    P 973-746-3434
    C 973-650-6029

Diane says, "Bohm Marrazzo is a NJ based photography/video studio offering expertise in animal photography for both personal and corporate visual needs. Almost all the wonderful photos on this website were taken by Linda and Gerry of Bohm~Marrazzo."

The Farmers Dog

Contact the farm:

217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY 13808

Ph. (607) 263-5415

Fax (607) 263-5325

Diane says, "Many of the Border Collies featured on this website came from Glen Highland Farm Border Collie rescue, one of the largest, most professional rescue facilities for Border Collies."

Diane says,"Use the URL to the left to get 1/2 off the price of your first order of The Farmers Dog food.  This is a human grade, fresh pet food delivered right to your door.  My dogs love it." 

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