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Do Border Collies make good pets?

Border Collies are not like any other breed of dog. For over four hundred years they have been bred specifically to work livestock. The farmers and ranchers viewed them more like tools than dogs.

As a result of this specific, selective breeding, Border Collies have a terrific work ethic, train easily and have boundless energy. These are all very desirable qualities in a dog living where he gets to work daily. If you put this high energy, driven dog, in an average family home environment, it can be disastrous.

When you do not have a job for a Border Collie , he or she will invent their own! Entrepreneurial in nature, they might decide to redecorate your house, excavate the yard, herd your children or chase cars they see through the windows. It is not surprising that there are now hundreds of purebred Border Collie’s in rescue today all waiting for appropriate homes.

Not all Border Collies need to herd sheep. Some stay very entertained learning agility, flyball, freestyle, or as companions to very active people who keep them busy and stimulated all day long. These dogs are wonderful companions to forest rangers, avid hikers, and people who can take their dogs to work with them.

As with any breed of dog, some Border Collies are more demanding of your time and attention than others. Their personalities vary, but none are “couch potatoes” for the first half of their lives.

If you still think a Border Collie would suit your lifestyle, I would recommend rescuing one from one of the best organizations for Border Collies in the East. Contact . They have many available dogs of all ages on their website and know the personalities and needs of each dog.

Poof, rescue Border Collie, in the agility ring.

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