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About Diane

One of today’s most successful professionals in the field of canine agility and obedience, Diane Bauman uses her talent and innate sensitivity for understanding how dogs think and how people learn. A born teacher, she has instructed hundreds of successful students, many of whom have gone on to become famous competitors and trainers in the world of canine competition.


Diane represented the US on the World Agility Team for three consecutive years, winning both silver and gold medals. Diane has also put obedience, tracking and herding titles on a wide variety of dog breeds. In addition to competing and teaching, Diane has devoted countless hours to rehabilitating and training hundreds of rescued dogs throughout the years. Diane is also the author of numerous publications, training manuals and books on the topics of obedience, tracking and agility. Her teaching methods, outlined in her latest book entitled Agility Start to Finish, will guide the aspiring agility competitor to learn everything they need to know about agility.

Diane with her dogs

Dog Training


Diane views agility from the perspective of a trainer who always sees things through the eyes of the dog. She believes that agility makes sense to dogs and strives to have it make sense to people as well. Diane teaches that "while obedience is a sport where dogs need to learn to understand words, agility is a game where people learn to understand the language of the dog which is motion."


Tracking teaches dogs to follow human scent. Any dog can learn to track and Diane has put tracking degrees on many different breeds of her own dogs ie Golden Retriever, Keeshond, Papillon, American Cocker Spaniel and Icelandic Sheepdog.     

Want to try tracking with your dog?

Diane offers private lessons for this challenging sport. Feel free to contact her for more information on how to get started.


Diane first explored the sport of sheepherding to better understand the mind of the working Border Collie. She now owns a sheep farm and breeds and sells dog broke sheep. Diane has earned an AKC Championship in herding as well as many other herding degrees. She has also competed successfully in NEBCA (Northeast Border Collie Associaton) trials in the ProNovice and Ranch divisions.

Private Training

Other than offering group workshops, Diane prefers to work privately with individuals and their dogs.  She believes there is value in being able to instruct people with techniques that are best suited to the specific dog size and breeds. Her lessons are personalized to the experience level of the owner. Private lessons also minimize distractions for the new dog and handler.  Distractions are purposefully added later when the team is ready to work around other dogs. Diane frequently uses her own, well- behaved, trustworthy dogs in lessons to add socialization and distraction in a controlled manner. 

Time is used more efficiently in a private lesson and dogs and their handlers don't have to wait while others are working.  Since agility must be taught off leash, it is initially safer to work privately. 


Diane Bauman is internationally known for her obedience instruction. She has given obedience clinics all over the United States and Canada. Her articles have appeared in Off-Lead magazine and Front and Finish: The Dog Trainers' News. Her obedience demonstrations have been televised in New York and California. Her record includes 16 perfect 200 scores earned on four different dog breeds. She uses a novel, proven method that "teaches" rather than "trains" dogs to be all they can be.


Diane teaches obedience in her heated/air-conditioned building with a field turf surface.

Service Dog Training

Diane has trained Service Dogs for individuals with disabilities for the past 20 years. These include dogs to pull wheel chairs, turn lights on and off, retrieve objects, deal with autism, diabetes, etc. She now works with individuals seeking to learn how to train their own Service Dogs. Diane believes that there is a better chance that Service Dogs will continue working effectively if the owner participates in the training process. 


Contact Diane

138 Mitchell Rd.

Chuckey, TN 37641


Email Address:

Phone: 973-222-4655

Diane with Afgan Hound
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